Eco-living community of neighbours

Land available in the Spanish-Portuguese border

Community of neighbours

Are you looking for a land to start an eco-community, retreat centre, ecological project or creating a small paradise? There is plenty of land available along the Spanish-Portuguese border, with different characteristics that can suit your needs. Here we present some of these properties. 

We are already three families looking for more people that share our dreams, care about nature and respect its balance. Our goal is to create a community of neighbours. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. 

Featured Properties

2,5 hectares with a wonderful view

  • A spring with drinkable water all year
  • A big old house with an oven
  • Other small buildings
  • Easily accessible
  • Mix of fruit trees and native forest
  • Plenty of fertile soil for gardens
  • Perfect place for a family
  • €75.000 (negotiable)

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1.7 hectares, house and fruit trees

  • A well close to the house
  • House partly renovated
  • Easily accessible
  • More than 60 productive olive trees and other fruit trees
  • Plenty of fertile soil for garden
  • Perfect place for one person or a family
  • €100.000 (negotiable)

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4.5 hectares, 5 old houses

  • Well and two rivers
  • Easily accessible
  • Big natural plot of land
  • Mix of fruit trees and native forest
  • Good place for one person, a family or a group of people
  • €180.000 (negotiable)

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42 hectares, native forest

  • Several springs and small rivers
  • Easily accessible
  • Large wild space
  • Huge cork trees and chestnuts
  • Perfect place for an eco-village or a natural sanctuary
  • €180.000

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