Who are we?


We are a couple of certificated permaculture designers, with two kids. We bought a piece of land three years ago in a beautiful place, in West Spain, very close to Portugal. The wilderness and natural beauty of this area is truly amazing.

Most of the owners of our neighbours' land don't live in this area, and rent it to tenants for livestock. At the same time, the owners want to sell their lands. How nice would it be to have neighbours that share our dreams, care about nature and respect its balance! This is why we decided to share this information. Our goal is that new people can find a land. People who care about the environment and is looking for a place to start an eco project or live in balance with nature. The only profit we want to make is to create a community of neighbours who help each other and share experiences.

Learn more about us at www.terrapurna.webnode.pt